Our Services

Sierra Document Management’s document solutions are capable of handling projects from the simple to the most complex and time intensive. SDM’s excellent and performance driven team has over 50 years of collective print experience.  Each project is given the focus and attention to detail required to provide the highest level of customer service for our clients.

Whether you require hard copies printed from a flash drive or disc, comprehensive electronic data discovery, oversized or wide-format printing, intensive digital file conversions or the need for a online document depository, SDM provides the services to meet your needs.

Sierra Document Management provides the following services:

  • Copying and Scanning Services

    Sierra Document Management specializes in handling complex copy and scanning projects either too large or too urgent to be handled in-house with reliability and confidentiality.   All sensitive documents can be scanned and indexed in an electronic format for authorized reproduction, viewing, printing or sharing easily and effectively across your organization.

  • File and Electronic Data Conversion

    Sierra Document Management can convert data of any form into a hard or digital documents for ease of accessibility and search capability. SDM can extract data from emails, hard drives, Excel and Word files, along with other formats.  This data can be converted for use with your specific software.

    Sierra Document Management offers secure, convenient and cost-efficient digital storage solutions, including:

    • Secure 24/7 online document access
    • Online document depository
    • Back file conversion
    • Disaster recovery and safety from theft, corporate sabotage and embezzlement
  • Archival and Back File Conversion

    SDM’s archival and back file conversion services are simple, cost effective ways to convert paper documents into electronic file formats. Converting legacy documents for archiving, placing electronic versions on disc, flash drive or online repository can reduce operational costs, streamline operations and enhance client satisfaction. Whenever you need to view, print, reproduce or share those documents, you can do so quickly and easily.

    SDM’s back file conversion services include:

    • Secure online document access 24/7
    • Back file conversions
    • Disaster recovery
    • Document uploading and downloading capability
  • Document Handling

    Every business has confidential documents that require protection and proper handling. SDM’s document handling services are the most secure in the industry. From the moment your documents leave your office, SDM assumes complete control in respect to the parameters of your project and preserves the integrity of all originals with precision.

    Only expertly trained SDM professionals will work with, monitor, and deliver your documents – SDM never uses independent contractors or outside delivery services.

  • Reprographics and Imaging

    SDM services the oversized and wide-format reproduction needs of the legal, architectural, engineering, and manufacturing industries. SDM produces items including architectural/engineering/construction blueprints and renderings, trade show graphics, legal and medical exhibits, etc.

    SDM provides:

    • Imaging and Reprographics
    • Blueprints and Architectural drawings and renderings in color or black & white
    • Plan Room, Ordering and Automated Distribution
    • Invitation to Bid
    • Scanning & Archiving
    • Large-format Exhibits
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