SDM is a licensed affiliate of ChartRequest – A platform that helps providers release all records and charts in an electronic turnkey fashion. We will help you save time, reduce stress, streamline compliance, and reduce risk.


    Providers save one-third of their time by eliminating burdensome steps from the information release, record delivery and payment process.

    • Request turnaround takes minutes, not days.
    • Releases are available 24/7, even when you’re not around.

    “The constant phone calls from third party records retrieval companies wanting status updates 1 day after sending request or trying to push me into sending their records STAT or asking a ton of questions, have all stopped, and that, is my favorite part!   Now I actually have time to do my job.”
    Rebecca Smith – Medical Records Lead, Sierra Neurosurgery Group


    Disclosures are easily accessible and never lost.

    • Tracks when, how and whom a chart released is disclosed.
    • Retrieve information by using search and auditing functions.

    “Since using ChartRequest, I have been able to streamline the entire process. No more CD-ROMs to burn or tracking of payments. The audit trail alone is worth the investment.”
    Javier Berolo – Business Manager, Suncoast Women’s Care


    SDM services powered by the ChartRequest platform, manages your compliance obligation.

    • Records are encrypted and hosted on a private cloud based server.
    • Each transmission occurs independently to ensure no wires cross.
    • Only the requestors who register and you authorize transmissions.

    “They have helped curb the overwhelming flow of paper requests coming from state disability offices that I would receive daily by contacting the requesters and setting them up to send requests electronically to ChartRequest, which I believe, will be a huge savings for our state, in dollars & trees!”
    Rebecca Smith – Medical Records Lead, Sierra Neurosurgery Group

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