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Welcome to Sierra Document Management

Since 1996, Sierra Document Management (formerly Sierra Legal Duplicating) has been specializing in complex copy and scanning projects our clients are unable to handle in-house. We produce time sensitive materials quickly with no rush or overtime fees. We can take care of all of your document support needs and are available overnight, weekends and holidays at no extra charge.

For more information on the services we provide, contact us at (775) 786-8224 or submit your information in the online form (here).  A SDM representative will reply immediately.

While we are proud to have served many industries over the years, Sierra Document Management was founded as a legal support services company. SDM has steadily broadened our capabilities to include Forensics, Early Case Assessment, Processing, Content Review and Production.

About Us

Sierra Document Management is known for producing our clients’ most confidential and irreplaceable documents, while preserving the integrity of the originals and delivering impeccable results. As technology progresses, document management and digital conversion is becoming more critical to all types of industries. We handle document management for companies across several industries to include legal, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, mining and beyond.

  • Copying and Scanning Services

    SDM specializes in handling complex copy and scanning projects that are either too large or too urgent to be handled in-house with reliability and confidentiality.

  • File and Electronic Data Conversion

    SDM can convert data of any form into a hard or digital document for ease of accessibility and search capability.

  • AEC Reprographics and Imaging

    SDM services the oversize and wide-format reproduction needs of the legal, architectural, engineering, and manufacturing industries.


    SDM’s archival and back file conversion services are simple, cost effective ways to convert paper documents into an electronic format.

Why choose Sierra Document Management?


Our performance driven staff has been handling your most proprietary, irreplaceable and confidential business documents for more than 50 years combined. SDM has continued to implement more effective methods to provide our customers with the latest innovations for the management, organization, and duplication of documents and data.


SDM provides timely, free pick-up and delivery to all local clients in Northern Nevada. We are also happy to arrange 3rd party billing and shipping for your convenience.


SDM takes great pride in our billing transparency. We offer per impression billing rather than billing hourly. We won’t tack on any surprises, rush charges, overtime fees or miscellaneous charges.

What they’re saying about us…

Jim Stewart

I have been a customer of Sierra Document Management since its inception and have never felt the need to utilize any other service since that time.

My loyalty is based on an unmatched level of quality and service. The projects completed by Sierra Document Service are precise and accurate. This is essential, particularly when preparing complex and extensive trial exhibits when minutes are critical and there is no time to confirm that every page of hundreds of exhibits are identical. The ability to confidently provide the Sierra Document Service product, knowing it is accurate and correct, greatly has increased my efficiency, effectiveness, and peace of mind. This meticulous attention to detail and quality of work is routine and standard when any project is completed, and has always been synonymous with and distinguished Sierra Document Service.

In addition to the superb product quality is the uncompromising level of customer service Sierra Document Service provides. They are able to accommodate the often unpredictable and hurried nature that quite often is part of the litigation practice, without any reduction in the quality of the finished product.

Jim StewartRobison, Belaustegui, Sharp, Low
Linda Finley

Frank and the team continually provide us with excellent quality, expedited delivery and fair pricing. They are able to store many of our supplies such as paper, binders and index tabs for us which is a big help as we have limited space here. Frank continually looks for ways to make things easier for us and has currently improved the method for us to send our projects to them which has saved us time and money. Whenever we call Sierra Document Management for a job they are ready to serve! Thanks Frank and the team for making our lives a little easier.

Linda FinleyEbara International Corporation, Cryodynamics Division
Janice Moulian

I have used Sierra Document Management since it first opened years ago.  They are professional, timely and perfectionists.  In the fast paced legal world, they always rise to the occasion, even on last minute notice.  I highly recommend this company.

Janice MoulianLewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP
Ron Claassen, DMD

I found Sierra Document Management from a web search.  I had a large document that I needed to be scanned so that I could send it to educators in Paraguay.  I found that the document was too large for me to send and they helped me get it posted with a link  to send to our client in Paraguay.  We found everyone at Sierra Document Management to be very friendly, competent, and service oriented.  I would will use them again if I have a similar need and would highly recommend them to you.”

Ron Claassen, DMDFresno Pacific University
John Molezzo, CCR

Sierra Document Management is the best legal copying and legal document management firm in town.  They always go the extra mile to make my workload easier. Super fast, reliable and friendly. Always a pleasure to work with.

John Molezzo, CCR Molezzo Reporters

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