Once Sierra Document Management began serving the deadline-driven document production demands of the legal industry, it didn’t take long to realize our experience and expertise could support the needs of multiple industries. As information needs increase at a rapid pace, and as time, space, and security concerns becoming more pressing across all types of businesses, SDM is uniquely qualified to provide a wealth of know-how and services for our customers and community. Below is a sample of the industries where we have provided assistance.

  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction

    SDM has provided imaging and reprographic services to the (AEC) architecture, engineering, and construction industries including the reproduction, digitization and archival of tentative maps, spec books, engineering reports and blueprints.

  • Finance

    Document management is a key component of a successful financial operation including banks, credit unions, insurance companies or consumer finance companies. Sierra Document Management is ready to support your sensitive document handling and production needs and has experience with projects including mergers and acquisitions in Northern Nevada.

  • Health Care

    SDM can support healthcare professionals and administration with their secure storage of medical records, billing files etc., while remaining HIPAA compliant.

  • Geological and Environmental

    SDM works with geologists, engineers, mine managers, GIS specialists and other mining and geothermal professionals to provide document support to include projects such as retrieval and storage of essential assay documents and drill hole reports.

  • Real Estate

    Whether you are a broker, agent, loan officer, title company, or other real estate professional in Northern Nevada, SDM can provide support with the organization, digitization, and archiving of:

    • Titles
    • Contracts
    • Declaration pages
    • Short sale and foreclosure documents.
  • Insurance

    Document management is critical in the insurance industry. SDM has experience working with insurance professionals on assignments from claims management to insurance report archiving.

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